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How long making calls:
Since I was fourteen years old -about 55 years

Influenced by:
Father, Alcange Allemond and brother, Dieudonne Allemond
Working or Decorative calls:
Working Calls

Trade Name:

Loylley Allemond

I was born in 1940, in Henderson, Louisiana, and was raised in that part of south Louisiana. I have been making duck calls since I was fourteen years old. It is only natural that I became a callmaker, since my dad and brother were both callmakers. They are both featured (pgs.77-78) in Darren Fontenot’s book,
Louisiana Duck Calls: Over One Hundred Years of History.

My wife, Vallee, and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary in 2009. We have spent most of our married life on the levee in Henderson. My livelihood always centered around the water - I was a commercial fisherman, fishing guide and hunting guide. I still benefit from the water since I collect sinker cypress from the Basin.

My calls are working calls made mostly from cedar. Unlike calls made by my dad and brother, the stopper uniformly meets the barrel. Although most of my barrels are plain, I have done some checkering and wood burning.